Volume 15                                                      CONTENTS                                                      2004

Volume 15, Number 1                                                                                                                                          JANUARY 2004


Neena Vyas and Avinash Sharma • Human Energy Consumption for Meal Preparation in Rural Areas of Himachal Pradesh 


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K. Shantha Kumari and Shashikala Puttaraj • The Impact of Developmental Programmes on the Nutrition Awareness of Farm Women 


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K. Vaijayanthimala, K. Bharati  Kumari  and  Bharati Panda • Socio-Economic Heterogomy and Marital Satisfaction 


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Olu Okotoni • Awareness and Environmental Management in Oil Companies in Nigeria 


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Sachidananda Padhy and Santosh Kumar Dash • The Soma Drinker of Ancient India: An Ethno-Botanical Retrospection 


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Amiteshwar Ratra and Praveen Kaur  • Marital Preparedness, Marital Satisfaction and Economic Status 


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Subha Ray • Growth Pattern of Children of Two Social Groups: A One-Year Longitudinal Study 


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N. Pruthi, P. Seetharaman and Chanchal • Functional Garments for Men with Lower Amputated Limb 


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B. Roy, C. Prakash Kala, Nehal A. Farooquee and B.S. Majila • Indigenous Fermented Food and Beverages: A Potential for Economic Development of the High Altitude Societies in Uttaranchal  


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Paramjit Kaur Chawla, Ravnit Kaur and R. Sachdeva • Impact of Nutrition Counselling on Food and Nutrient Intake and Haematological Profile of Rural Pregnant Women 


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V. Thyagarajan  and  Ali Khatibi • BPR -  A Tool for Managing the Change 


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M.A.O. Aluko • Sustainable Development, Environmental Degradation and the Entrenchment of Poverty in the Niger Delta of Nigeria 


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Radhna Gupta and Manoranjan Kalia • Diagnosis of Anaemia in Expectant mothers 


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Volume 15, Number 2                                                                                                                                       FEBRUARY  2004


P. Sandhu and R. Bakhshi • Ergonomic Assessment of Performing Selected Personal and Room Care Related Activities by Elderly Females and Technologies to Reduce Them 


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P.S. Ogedengbe • Formulating A Good Urban Land Policy for Nigeria 


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M. K. Virk, Vandana Singla and P. Sandhu • Awareness Among Urban Inhabitants About Waste Management and Its Impact on Environment 


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Mahendra Panda and A. Mohapatra • Malaria Control - An Over View in India 


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Rajbir Sachdeva, Ravinder Kaur and Jasvinder Kaur Sangha • Effect of Supplementation of Spirulina on the Haematological Profile and Intellectual Status of School Girls (7-9 years) 


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R. Modgil and M. Modgil • Effect of Feeding Chayote (Sechium edule) and Bottle Gourd (Lageneria siceraria) as Source of Fiber on Biological Utilization of Diet in Rats


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N.C. Hazarika and J. Mahanta • Environmental Iodine Deficiency and Goiter Prevalence in A Block Area of The North Eastern Region: A Retrospective Analysis


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R.E.S. Tanner and C.J. Pawson • Contemporary Religious Violence and the Environment: Some Tentative Observations and Assessments 


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Indira Barua and Anita Devi • Women Market of Manipur: An Anthropo-Historical Perspective 


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B. P. Urade, Moyna Chakravarty and S.K. Mallick • Assessment of Nutritional Status Among The Khaire Kunbi Children of Maharashtra 


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Anuradha Goyle, Swati Vyas, Preeti Jain, Neetu Shekhawat and Harsha Saraf •  Nutrient Intakes of Children Residing in Squatter Settlements on Pavements and Along Roadsides in Jaipur City 


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K. S. Deepa, Pushpa Bharati and Rama K. Naik • Seasonal Variations in Nutritional Status of Adolescent Girls 


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Neeru Sharma, Ruchira Sapru and Payal Gupta • Maternal Beliefs of Dogra Mothers of Jammu and Their Child's Percieved Competence in Pre-school 


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Madhu Modgil, Rajni Modgil and R. Kumar • Carbohydrate and Mineral Content of Chyote (Sechium edule) and Bottle Gourd (Lagenaria Siceraria) 


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Volume 15, Number 3                                                                                                                                                      MARCH 2004


D. K. Verma and R. K. Suryawanshi • Live  Birth  in  Association  with  Socio-Cultural Attributes  of  Mother: A Study  on the  Bhatra  Tribes  of  Bastar, Chhattisgarh


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Suma Hasalkar, Renuka Budihal, Rajeshwari Shivalli and Nutan Biradar  • Assessment of Workload of Weeding Activity in Crop  Production Through Heart Rate 


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Ifeyinwa Annastasia Mbakogu  • An Over View of the Problems of Acquired Immune  Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS): A Nigerian Social Worker’s Perspective


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K. S. Deepa, Pushpa Bharati and B. Kasturiba • Seasonal Variations in Iron Status of Adolescent Girls in Dharwad Taluk 


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Amandeep Kaur Pandher, Jasvinder Sangha and Paramjit Chawla • Childhood Obesity Among Punjabi Children in Relation to  Physical Activity and Their Blood Profile 


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Rita Rani and Shubhangna Sharma • Attitude of Teenagers Towards Their Grandparents 


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P. R. Varghese • Protective Effect of a Traditional Practice Against Cervix Cancer in Kerala 


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S.M. Savita, K. Sheela, Sharan Sunanda, A.G. Shankar, Parama Ramakrishna and Srinivas Sakey • Health Implications of Stevia rebaudiana 


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P.K. Borah, P. Dutta, A.C. Phukan and J. Mahanta • Health Seeking Behavior Among the Fever Cases During an  Outbreak of Malaria in Assam 


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Surendra Kumar Yadav • Health for All in New Millennium – Is This Possible Without Gis Applications? 


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Harpreet Kaur and Ashu Kalaramna • To Assess the Level of Parent-Child Relationship (Father and Mother) of Adolescents by Age and Sex 


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P. Aujla, Harshpinder, R.Gill and P. Sandhu • Sociological and Environmental Factors Causing Stress Among Women and Fighting Techniques Used 


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Vickie Beagley and Robert J. Gregory • Allegiances and alliances, or Independence: Identity and human ecology 


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Goldy Chopra, Shubhangna  Sharma and Shipra Nagar  • The Impact of Intervention on Motor and Mental Development of Rural Female Infants in District Kangra of Himachal Pradesh 


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K. Sheela, Kamal G. Nath, D. Vijayalakshmi, Geeta M. Yankanchi and Roopa B. Patil • Proximate Composition of Underutilized Green Leafy Vegetables in Southern Karnataka 


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Chandra K. Singh and Sudha Chhikara • Preschool Curriculum and Its Implementation in  Urban and Rural Areas 


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Volume 15, Number 4                                                                                                                                                 APRIL 2004


Veena Bhasin • Ecology and Status of Women Among Tribals of India 


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G.S. Solanki and Pavitra Chutia • Ethno Zoological and Socio-cultural Aspects of  Monpas of Arunachal Pradesh 


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S. S. Patra and V. Dev • Malaria Related Morbidity in Central Reserve Police Force  Personnel Located in The North-eastern States of India 


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S.M. Savita, K. Sheela, Sharan Sunanda, A.G. Shankar and Parama Ramakrishna • Stevia rebaudiana – A Functional Component for Food Industry 


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Ishaq Isola Omoleke • Management of Environmental Pollution in Ibadan,  An African City:  The Challenges of Health Hazard Facing  Government and The People 


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A. A. Adesopo and A. S. Asaju • Natural Resource Distribution, Agitation for Resource Control Right and the Practice of Federalism in Nigeria 


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Anamika Baru and Rajni Dhingra • Personal and Interpersonal Dimensions of  Childlessness in Three Different Ecological Settings 


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A.N. Nayak and B.V. Babu • Recording and Reporting Process of Health Information by the Health System: A Study From Khurda District of Orissa, India


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Book Review 


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