Anthropology Today: Contemporary Trends in Social and Cultural Anthropology

SHALINA MEHTA (Panjab University, Chandigarh, India)
2010 • Pages: 178 • Size: 180x240 • ISBN 81-85264-53-8 • Binding: Hard • PRICE: US $ 45/- Rs.1450/
(Anthropologist Special Issue No. 7)


Cyber space’s, technology, ecological changes and environmental crisis, proxy wars and remote technologies controlling these wars, changing definitions of international borders along with plethora of treaties and trade regulations are redefining human societies.

Anthropology has moved out of its nascent insecurities and is accepted among sciences, humanities and social sciences as a political discipline that has the unique advantage of providing alternatives to many established notions of structured world communities.

Anthropological methodologies and its unflinching faith in field work centered empirical data generation have become content of many grounded theories in several other disciplines. There is universal appeal in anthropological imagination.

We are no longer a tribe of marginalized scholars whose primary interest is to document communities that are on the verge of extinction because of historical, cultural or natural processes of extermination. If we want to accept the collectivism of ‘tribe’ to represent our unique ability, then we must move forward and say that we as a tribe are not only

engaged with ‘other tribes’ but with every community and social and cultural concern that processes of social and cultural transformations pose to our collective survival and sustainability of our ecosystems. This volume is a beginner’s vision that reaches out to only few of these innumerable challenges.




List of Contributors



  1. Cities Full of Symbols • Peter J.M. Nas, Marlies de Groot and Michelle Schut,
  2. Tied to Each Other: Gazing on Networked Connectivity and Closure – Transnationalised Work and Workers - Maheshvari Naidu,
  3. Understanding Urban Relocation and Rehabilitation Issues • Jyotsna Bapat
  4. Crossing Boundaries: Constructing New spaces for African Refugee Students in Greater Western Sydney • Loshini Naidoo
  5. Chinese Students in Paris • Jean Charles Lagree
  6. SECTION - 2

  7. Western Psychology and Traditional Methodologies. Some Rational Considerations • R.E.S. Tanner
  8. Religious Belief and Perception of Illness in Esanland, Edo State of Nigeria • C.O. Aluede
  9. Social Science Perspectives on Invasive Species • Priscilla Weeks
  10. SECTION – 3

  11. How Milind Soman Made Me Gay Exploring Issues of Belonging and Citizenship amongst Gay South Asian Men in Diaspora • Harjant Gill
  12. From Ethnopolitical Agitation to Terrorism: Interogating the Niger Delta Crisis in Nigeria • Ilufoye Sarafa Ogundiya
  13. SECTION – 4

  14. Sociobiology: The Relevance of Biology in Social Inquiry • Krishan Sharma
  15. Symbolizing Human Life: Anthropological Explorations into Culture • Abhik Ghosh
  16. Global Encounters and Challenges of Human Development in Nigeria • Samuel Oluwole Ogundele
  17. The Challenge of Anthropology as Humanitarian Science in the Eternal Search of Originality between the Cultural Difference and the Societal Otherness • Nikos Gousgounis
  18. Index


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