M.K. BHASIN AND S.L. MALIK (University of Delhi, Delhi, India)

With a Foreword by: ABAD AHMAD

1998 • Size: 140 x 220 mm • Page: 400 • ISBN 81-85264-20-1 • Binding: Hard •

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Ecological problems require to be handled with an integrated approach, for they are intimately connected to the biological endowments as well as to social and cultural characteristics. Adaptation and resource management, for instance, are both biological and cultural issues. The present volume shows the direction to integrated research on environmental topics. The volume shows the importance of participation in tribal and peasant development, macro-and micro-environmental designs, and eco-friendly development. This volume will be of great use as a reference book to students and research workers in this field of Environmental Studies, Life Sciences and Social Sciences.


  1. Ecology and Development - by D.K. Bhattacharya
  2. Micro Politics of Voluntary Action: An Anatomy of Change in Two Villages - by Ajay S. Mehta
  3. Development without Ecocrisis: An Alternate Perspective - by Anand Kashyap
  4. Bio-cultural Adaptations in Cranial Morphology Among the Early Farming Chalcolithic Populations of the Deccan Plateau - by S.R. Walimbe
  5. The National Forest Policy and Indian Society – by Abhik Ghosh
  6. Participatory Approach in Development: A Study in a Multi-Ethnic Village in Madhya Pradesh - by Tamal Maity
  7. Inseparable Tribal and Forest - A Case Study of the Kamars Tribal Group of Raipur - by Nitin Malik
  8. Retting of Coconut Husk, A Severe Case of Aquatic Pollution in Kerala - An Ecological and Socioeconomic Perspective - by S. Bijoy Nandan and V.K. Unnithan
  9. Tribal Development and Forest Resources Management, Hindsights from Kerala - by V.Gopalkrishnan Asari
  10. Forest Depletion and Cultural Degradation: A Case of Mirdhas of Western Orissa - by Nandini Biswal, M. Sunita and Snigdha Hota
  11. Ecological Consequences of Eucalyptus Plantation in a Man-Made Eco-system of the Brahmaputra Valley, Assam - by Ajit Kumar Bordoloi
  12. Indigenous Knowledge System on Edible Oil Resources in the Central Himalayas: A Case Study - by R.K. Maikhuri, U. Rana and K.S. Rao
  13. Impact of Nomadism on the Alpine Ecosystem – by C.M. Seth
  14. Agriculture and Development in a South Tamil Nadu Village - by A. Chellaperumal and G. Karunanidhi
  15. Ethnobiological Studies from ‘Manusmruti’ : IV Ancient Consciousness of Pollution and Contamination - by S.K. Dash and S.N. Padhy
  16. Impact of Man’s Activities on Physico-Chemical and Biological Properties of Lake Naini Tal, Uttar Pradesh - by P.K. Gupta and Udyog Shukla
  17. Changpas - The Transhumants of Ladakh – by Veena Bhasin
  18. Sikkim Himalayas: Ecological and Resource Development - by Veena Bhasin and M.K.Bhasin
  19. Emerging Crisis in Ecological Niche of the Toto: A Sub-Himalayan Tribe of West Bengal -by Sarit Chaudhuri
  20. An Impact of Economic Role Performance on Household Development by ‘Gaddi’ Tribal Women of Himachal Pradesh - by J. Kishtwaria and N. Ogale
  21. Management of Medicinal Plants by the Lanjia Saora - by Seema Malik
  22. Work Stress in a Steel Plant: Identification, Assessment and Management - by Navneet Trikha and S.L. Malik
  23. Ergonomic Evaluation of VDT Users - by Inuka Gakhar and S.L. Malik
  24. Socio-Cultural and Environmental Factors of Health and Economy. A Study Among the Tai Khamyangs of Assam - by Indira Barua
  25. Development and Ethnomedical System of a Himalayan Population - by Anima Sharma
  26. Indigenous Knowledge and the Treatment of Disease in Abujhmarh - by Swati Narnag and Mitashree Mitra
  27. Socio-Ecology of Tribes of Koshi Zone in Relation to Its Impact on Health - by B.N.Pandey, A.K. Jha, P.K.L. Das and A.K. Ojha
  28. Effect of Cold Stimulus on Blood Pressure - by Suman Verma and Satwanti Kapoor
  29. Interaction of Various Evolutionary Forces on a Isolated Ethnic Group of West Garo Hills, Meghalaya - by P.K. Patra and A.K. Kapoor
  30. Hospital Waste Disposal and Management System - by Banaja Pattanalk and N.K.Mahakud
  31. A Study of Sex-chromatin Among the Rajput Females of Sirmaur District, Himachal Pradesh - by Satish Kumar and H.K. Kumbnani

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