VOLUME 1                                               CONTENTS                                                         1999

VOLUME 1, Number 1                                                                                                                          JANUARY 1999

Veena Bhasin Leh - An Endangered City 


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.01.01

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Baidyanath Saraswati Toward a Theory of Visual Anthropology 


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.01.02

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Kumkum Srivastava and Vinay Kumar Srivastava When Peers are no More: Some Rambling Thoughts on Old Age 


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.01.03

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Inuka Gakhar and S.L. Malik Physical Fitness: Age Change and Sex Differences Among the Jats of Delhi 


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.01.04

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Robin Saluja, M.P.S. Sachdeva and A.K. Kalla A Study of Genetic Diversity Among Punjabi Khatris and Aroras of Delhi and Shimla 


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.01.05

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Satish Kumar, K.P.S Kushwaha, M.B. Rao and M.K. Bhasin Serogenetic Characterisation of the Bhil Tribe of Rajasthan 


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.01.06

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Sunil K. Khanna New Reproductive Technology in India: Social Context, Legal Implications, and Health Outcome 


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.01.07

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P. Dash Sharma A Study on Biodiversity of Hatma Village, Mandar, Ranchi 


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.01.08

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P.C. Joshi Technological Innovations in the Garhwal Himalayas. The HESCO Case Study 


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.01.09

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Book Review  




VOLUME 1, Number 2                                                                         APRIL 1999


Debashree De Sircar and H.R. Tewari Risk Practices, HIV Infection and Awareness of HIV/AIDS: A Study of Migrant Gold Artisans 


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.02.01

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Puneet Pal Singh, Praveen P. Balgir, I.J.S. Bansal and Monica Singh Apolipoprotein Polymorphism in Man - It's Role in Health and Disease     


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.02.02

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K.N. Reddy, K.S.N. Reddy and D. Brunda Devi Mortality as a Measure of Development: A Cross-Cultural Study From Andhra Populations 


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.02.03

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A. N. Sharma Indigenous Health Practices Used for Antifertility Among Bharias of Patalkot, Madhya Pradesh, India 


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.02.04

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Susan L. Prows Social Bonds and Outcomes of Sexual Activity Among Teenage Women 


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.02.05

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Shanti Balda, Kym Irving and Donna Berthelsen Parenting Style and Control Practices in Hisar  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.02.06

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Meerambika Mahapatro, M.P. Sachdeva and A.K. Kalla Demographic Profile of Bhattara, Tribal Population of Nowrangpur District Orissa  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.02.07

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M. P. Sachdeva and V.K. Arora Identification of ABO Blood Group Specific Substances from Human Epidermal Cells  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.02.08

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B. N. Pandey, S. K. Mishra, Sobha Yadav and P. Dash Sharma Study of Blood Groups in Migrant Oraons and Mundas of Purnia District of Bihar, India


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.02.09

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Aditi Chakravarty and M.P. Sachdeva Distribution of A1A2BO, RhoD Blood Groups Among Rajputs of Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.02.10

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M. P. Sachdeva and Seema Behl Distribution of A1A2BO, RhoD Blood Groups and ABH Secretor Status Among Jats of Churu, Rajasthan  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.02.11

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K. Surendranadha Reddy and K.N. Reddy Palmar C-Line Polymorphism in Four Sub-Castes of Reddis of Andhra Pradesh 


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.02.12

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VOLUME 1, Number 3                                                                           JULY 1999


B. Dharma Rao, V.L.N. Rao and D B. R. Busi Growth Progression in Physical, Physiological and Sickle Cell Traits Among Porja Tribal Girls of Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.03.01

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B. Dharma Rao, V.L.N. Rao and B.R. Busi Growth Progression, Blood Pressure and Sickle Cell Trait Among Gadaba Tribal Girls of Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.03.02

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Preeti Jain, Sunita Roy and Surinder Nath Estimation of Stature Through Measurements of Hand and Foot Among Female Jats of Delhi  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.03.03

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Indu Talwar and Maninder Kaur Growth Pattern and Age at Menarche in Bania Girls of Mandi Gobindgarh  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.03.04

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Sophia George and  A.K. Kalla Mortality Among the Syrian Christians  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.03.05

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Rupinder Kaur and  S.P. Singh Secular Shift in Age at Menarche in Patiala Women


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.03.06

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K. N. Reddy, K. S. N. Reddy and B. Kalpana Anthropometry of the New Born with Special Reference to Birth Weight 


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.03.07

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P. Venkatramana and P. Chengal Reddy An Epidemiological Study of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.03.08

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Manoranjan Kalia, Shubhangna Sharma, Neena Thajur and Raj Pathania Impact of Anganwadi Programme Regarding Health and Nutrition Education on ICDS Beneficiaries in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.03.09

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Bandana Das Devi and Ananda Chandra Nath A Study on Some Behavioural Traits Among Kaibartas of Assam, India  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.03.10

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D. P. Bhatnagar, P. Singal and R.K. Purewal Dental Development and Onset of Menarche in Jat Sikh Girls  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.03.11

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B. R. Yogini Jaspal Singh Sandhu, Rajiv Ahuja and S. Koley A Survey of Incidence of Injuries in Five Combat Sports in the IVth National Games - 1997  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.03.12

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Vipan Kumar, Jaspal Singh Sandhu and Shyamal Koley A Comparative Study of Intermittent Lumbar Traction and Massage for Low Back Pain  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.03.13

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VOLUME 1, Number 4                                                                 OCTOBER 1999


Inuka Gakhar and S.L. Malik Socio-cultural Determinants of Physical Fitness: A Study Among the Jats of Delhi  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.04.01

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Rajan Gaur, Sorokhaibham Gautam Singh and Meenu Lakhanpal Somatotypes of Urban Meiteis of Imphal, Manipur  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.04.02

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M. Ramesh and P. Veeraju Sickle Cell Hemoglobin and Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency in Two Endogamous Populations of North Coastal Andhra Pradesh, South India   


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.04.03

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Robert J. Gregory General Systems Theory as a Framework to View Religion  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.04.04

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Rita G. Singh, L.S. Sidhu and P. Singal Anthropometric Standards for Ready Made Garments of Pre-School Children  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.04.05

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Monica Singh, S.P.Singh, Harsurinder Kaur and Puneet Pal Singh Study of Some Morphological, Physiological and Serological Parameters in Twins  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.04.06

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Shyamal Koley and Jaspal Singh Sandhu Distribution of the LH Blood Types in the Jains of Central India  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.04.07

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Sukhpreet Sethi and I.J.S Jaswal Gender Related Risk Factors in Rural School Dropouts  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.04.08

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Shanti Balda and Kym Irving Parental Control and Maturity Demands in Australia  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.04.09

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F. Molick and B.M. Mukherjee Gondwana: Whether Political or Socio-Cultural Reality  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.04.10

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Robert J. Gregory and Janet E. Gregory A Remembered Elder: Old Age on Tanna  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.04.11

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Pinuma Baruah A Short Note on the Palmar C Line Polymorphism Among the Ahom of Debrugarh District, Assam  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.04.12

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G. Tandon and P.K. Chattopadhyay Effect of Age on the Medulla Types of Hair  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.04.13

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A. Papa Rao, C. Venkateswarlu and P. Venkatramana ABO and Rh (D) Blood Groups Among the Pattapu - A Marine Fishing Community of Andhra Pradesh  


DOI: 10.31901/24566802.1999/01.04.14

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