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Speaking of Viagra generics, it would be wrong not to mention the main features of the branded drug, which is the prototype of its many generics. Viagra is a remedy for restoring erectile function, which contains the active ingredient sildenafil citrate. This substance is artificially synthesized, it was invented by the specialists of the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer in the late 1990s. The drug entered the American pharmaceutical market in 1998 under the trade name Viagra. It has been produced and is still produced in three dosage options: 25, 50 and 100 mg of sildenafil, which is an inhibitor of PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) - an enzyme that is produced in a number of tissues of the body, but mainly in the cavernous bodies of the penis, and is responsible for the termination of erection. Thus, by inhibiting it, that is, preventing its production, the time for cessation of erection is significantly delayed. This is combined with the vasodilating action of sildenafil. Since it is a selective PDE-5 inhibitor, it primarily affects the arteries of the penis, although to some extent the effect also extends to the vessels of the lungs. Related to this is the fact that Viagra was originally planned to be used as a remedy against pulmonary arterial hypertension - a serious disease accompanied by an increase in pressure in the pulmonary artery. It also contains the PDE-5 enzyme, and therefore its inhibition can alleviate the condition of patients. People suffering from PAH are still prescribed sildenafil, though mostly under the trade name Revatio. Meanwhile, there is practically no difference between these two drugs, except for excipients.

It is noteworthy that before the invention of Viagra, there were no effective and at the same time safe ways to deal with erectile dysfunction. All of them were fraught with serious consequences for the body of men and mostly had a narcotic character. Meanwhile, Viagra is not addictive either on a physical or psychological level, and can be used for an unlimited amount of time in the absence of contraindications and restrictions on use. This medicine is not an aphrodisiac and is ineffective for reduced libido or in its absence.

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After the expiration of the patent protection, which for almost 20 years protected the rights of Pfizer, all other pharmaceutical companies received their right to release their versions of Viagra. Their products with a similar composition are called Viagra generics. They can and should be named differently from the name of the brand drug. For example, if they contain the word "Viagra", then it should not be alone: it can be "Viagra Novartis", that is, a combination of the name of the original drug and the name of the company that produces its generic; it can be just sildenafil or sildenafil citrate, that is, the name of the drug is given by the name of the active substance; finally, creative salespeople can get in on the act, composing names like Kamagra, Vidalista, and others. All these drugs, despite the fact that they create the feeling that pharmacies have a large range of drugs to combat erectile dysfunction, are absolute analogues of Viagra and don't differ from the original drug, except for excipients and occasionally the release form. Their main difference, which attracts hundreds of thousands of buyers around the world, is an affordable price. The fact is that generic manufacturers use a ready-made recipe for the finished dosage form of Viagra. They didn't invent this medicine, they didn't invest in its promotion in the media, in constant support through advertising campaigns. In fact, they simply make copies of a branded medicine, and these copies can be bought at an incomparably lower price without losing quality and effect. So, by the end of 2022, the cost of one Viagra tablet with a dosage of 150 mg was more than $60. Meanwhile, buying generics makes it absolutely feasible to buy the same pill for $1. The benefit is obvious, and that is why generics are slowly but surely replacing the original Viagra from the international pharmaceutical market. At least, although so far the original medicine still holds its positions, the branded version is becoming the prerogative of very wealthy men, who also have a very conservative view of pharmacology and are afraid of generics, because they consider them to be some kind of experimental drugs, even if it has nothing to do with reality.

America is a country with conservative and inflexible pharmaceutical legislation. Lobbying of the interests of representatives of Big Pharma, which includes Pfizer, takes place. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to find affordable generics of Viagra in ordinary local pharmacies, the maximum that you can encounter in them is the Israeli generics manufactured by Teva. However, there is an easy way to buy really cheap generic Viagra if you step out of your comfort zone and go to an online pharmacy Online pharmacies offer a huge number of generic options from a variety of manufacturers from all over the world, who are engaged in the production of generics of various drugs against erectile dysfunction, not only Viagra, but also Levitra and Cialis. Online pharmacies that are of interest to the American consumer may be based in America: they sell drugs at a significant markup, but given their initial very low price, the benefit is still at least 50-70% of the cost of branded Viagra. Also, Americans can make purchases in national foreign online pharmacies, that is, for example, in Indian pharmacies that deliver to different countries of the world, including the United States. Finally, these can be large international pharmacies that sell medicines from different manufacturers from various countries, delivering literally to all corners of the world. In any case, the Internet trade in medicines has developed greatly in recent years, the quality of service has improved and can no longer be compared with what was offered, for example, 10 or more years ago. Now the process of making an order is as simple as possible and is no different from making a purchase in any online store. All that is needed after placing an order is to wait a few days and receive the parcel at your local post office.

Generic Viagra Cost

It is difficult to name the average cost of Viagra generics due to their wide variety, as well as a wide variety of manufacturing companies. Let's consider the cost of one pill of generic Viagra with a dosage of 150 mg of sildenafil. It is this dosage that is the most popular and most effective. If you pay attention to finding the most attractive deals when buying an average number of tablets, say 50 pieces, then you can conclude that it is not difficult to get generics at a price of about $3 per pill. Such prices are relevant mainly for Indian online pharmacies. If you focus on American online pharmacies, the cost of one pill will be about $5 - $7. For those men who are looking for the maximum benefit when buying generic Viagra, the advice to pay attention to the dosage of 200 mg will be relevant. Almost only Indian manufacturers offer this dosage. The maximum daily dosage of sildenafil that can be taken without a threat to health is 100 mg. Thus, one pill of Viagra with a dosage of 200 mg should be divided into 2 doses. This may not be very convenient in terms of storing the second half of the tablet, but it allows you to save a significant amount on one dosage. It is cheaper to produce one large pill than to produce many small ones, which is why the 25 mg generics are the least profitable options. If a man needs 25 mg to achieve optimal erection, it is better to buy 50 mg pills and divide them into two parts. Then their wallet will suffer significantly less damage.

Generic Viagra Online for Sale

You can make it easier for yourself to buy Viagra generics online by using aggregator sites. These are sites that collect in one place the offers of a particular drug in different pharmacies, sometimes even from different manufacturers from different countries. Most of the parameters can be adjusted according to the filters that are relevant to you in order to get information about how the offers of the drug you are interested in differ in different pharmacies. You can specify a specific medicine, for example, Kamagra, or you can only indicate the active substance - then a variety of Viagra generics will be displayed. You can set delivery conditions, for example, free; up to $10; up to $50, and so on. Aggregators greatly simplify the process of searching for drugs, because it is quite normal that the average buyer does not know which pharmacy has the most attractive prices, and opening links to each pharmacy that a search engine gives out is quite tedious and can get confused. Here, all offers are collected on one page.

When shopping online, it is important to only make orders as licensed pharmacies. Always check the license number and expiration date, this information should be available on the site and is usually posted prominently or at the bottom of the page. In the absence of such, it is better to pay attention to some other site. Also, you shouldn't buy medicines in sex shops, these shops can sell maximum lubricants, and not purely medical products, which also have a prescription status.

Another point to keep in mind when buying online is security. It is preferable to make purchases on sites where the payment is made on a page with two-factor authentication and encryption, this will guarantee that your funds will not be intercepted by third parties, but will go directly to the pharmacy.

Generic Viagra in Canada

Generic Viagra from Canada can be attributed to the second price category. They are more expensive than Indian and Malay, but cheaper than European ones. Canadian medicines are of high quality, and even those men who are skeptical of the idea of generics generally tend to trust Canadian manufacturers. Canadian Viagra is produced in the form of ordinary tablets, which are no different from branded ones, except for some excipients and the degree of purification of the active substance. This is the most classic option for those who are just starting to get interested in generics and do not risk experimenting with rare forms of release and unusual dosages.

Generic Viagra India

Indian generics of Viagra rightfully enjoy the fame of the most affordable and at the same time high-quality and reliable medicines. Indian Pharmaceuticals is the main export area of India to various countries of the world. Indian generics of Viagra exist for literally every taste: they are available in the form of traditional pills or capsules, in the form of a sachet with a gel for oral administration, and even in the form of soft tablets, which most closely resemble breath-freshening lozenges. Such options are most convenient for covert use, if a man doesn't want to advertise for his partner that he uses the help of means to increase potency. When buying generic Viagra from India, it is important to remember that in most cases, the more units you buy in one order, the cheaper the cost of each pill. Therefore, the most profitable purchase of Indian generics of Viagra will be if you already know that this or that particular medicine suits you, is well tolerated by your body and does not cause you strong side effects. Delivery times for Indian generics of Viagra in the US rarely exceed 10 days.

Viagra Generic over the Counter

In the US, to buy either branded Viagra, or any of its generics in ordinary pharmacies, you need a prescription from a doctor, since sildenafil is a prescription drug. It is logical that not all men are ready to spend their time, money and nerves to pay a visit to an urologist, undergo unpleasant medical examinations and receive prescriptions, especially since the instructions for sildenafil are simple and understandable. Most men, especially those who do not have any serious associated health problems, can themselves conclude that they should try this remedy. For those who are willing to accept responsibility and wish to buy Viagra without a doctor's prescription, the best choice is to order generics from abroad. Mostly, the absence of problems when buying Viagra over the counter is guaranteed when placing an order in one of the Indian online pharmacies or in large international ones. There, it is enough to check the box that you are familiar with the prescription status of the drug, and no one will have any additional questions.


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