VOLUME 3                                                    CONTENTS                                                         2009

VOLUME 3, Number 1                                                                                                                                             JULY  2009


Philip O. Sijuwade Attitudes towards Old Age: A Study of the Self-Image of Aged


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.01.01

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Faraha Nawaz and Salahuddin Ahmed The Effectiveness of Adolescent Development Program of Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) in Strengthening Awareness Regarding Social Issues among Rural Adolescent Girls in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.01.02

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Jagpreet Kaur, J. S. Rana and Rupinder Kaur Home Environment and Academic Achievement as Correlates of Self-concept among Adolescents


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.01.03

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Fouziya Qadiri and Sarika Manhas Parental Perception Towards Preschool Education Imparted at Early Childhood Education Centers


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.01.04

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D.O. Arubayi Appraising Instructional Materials and Evaluation Strategies in the Teaching of Clothing and Textiles


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.01.05

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Shashi Kaul and Shradha Sahni Study on the Participation of Women in Panchayati Raj Institution


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.01.07

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T. Kang and S. Jaswal Marital Stability as a Correlate of Parenting .


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.01.08

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Pralip Kumar Narzary Knowledge and Use of Contraception among Currently Married Adolescent Women in India


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.01.09

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Agharuwhe A. Akir and Nkechi M. Ugborugbo Analytic Examination of Teachers’ Career Satisfaction in Public Secondary Schools


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.01.10

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R. N. Osakwe Dimensions of Communication as Predictors of Effective Classroom Interaction


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.01.11

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Pushpalata, Bimla Dhanda and Chandra Kala Singh Family: A Predictor of Social Competence of Preschoolers .


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.01.12

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Jatinder Kishtwaria, Aruna Rana and Shipra Sood Work Pattern of Hill Farm Women – A Study of Himachal Pradesh


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.01.13

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VOLUME 3, Number 2                                                                                                                              DECEMBER  2009


V. O. Uwaifo  and   P.S.O. Uddin Transition from the 6-3-3-4 to the 9-3-4 System of Education in Nigeria: An Assessment of Its Implementation on Technology Subjects


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.02.01

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D.O. Arubayi  Home Economics Students’ Satisfaction or Dissatisfaction with Learning Experiences in Clothing and Textiles in Tertiary Institutions


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.02.02

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Manjula Patil, G. Saraswathi and Prakash Padakannaya Self-Esteem and Adjustment among Children with Reading and Writing Difficulties


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.02.03

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Michael Bamidele Adeyemi, Tshiamiso Violet Moumakwa and Deborah Adeninhun Adeyemi Teaching Character Education Across the Curriculum and the Role of Stakeholders at the Junior Secondary Level in Botswana 


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.02.04

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Agharuwhe A. Akiri and Nkechi M. Ugborugbo Teachers’ Effectiveness and Students’ Academic Performance in Public Secondary Schools in Delta State, Nigeria


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.02.05

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Nidhi Kotwal and Bharti Prabhakar Physical Needs and Adjustments Made by the Elderly


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.02.06

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M.S.R. Murthy and A. Gayathri Counseling of Youth: A Study in Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.02.07

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Anthony Ntol Ngban, Agnes Ebi Maliki and Patrick N. Asuquo Demographic Variables and Perception of Human Trafficking in the South-South Zone of Nigeria


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.02.08

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Agnes Ebi Maliki,  Anthony Ntol Ngban and Julie E. Ibu Analysis of Students’ Performance in Junior Secondary School Mathematics Examination in Bayelsa State of


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.02.09

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Amininiye M. Manuel and Patrick N. Asuquo Near-School Leavers’ Perception of Their Vocational and Labour Market Information Needs


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.02.10

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R. N. Osakwe The Effect of Early Childhood Education Experience on the Academic Performances of Primary School Children


DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2009/03.02.11

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