Kamla-Raj 2003                                                                         Int J Hum Genet, 3(3): 165-168 (2003)



Congestive Heart Failure - A Haematological, Biochemical
and Cytogenetic Study


N. Meenakshi, K. Sasikala, K.A. Sajeetha Beegam, A.L. Calistus Jude,

N. Balachandar, M.Vimala Devi and A. Asia Begum


Division of Human Genetics, Department of Zoology, Bharathiar University,

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India


KEY WORDS Congestive heart failure; chromosomal aberration; lipid profile; amino transferaces


ABSTRACT Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is a condition in which a weakened heart cannot pump enough blood to body organs and the blood backs up into certain body tissues. This study investigates the haematological, biochemical and cytogenetic changes in patients with CHF. Significant alterations were observed in leucocyte count and lipid profile, and Chromosomal analysis revealed major aberrations such as deletions, translocations, inversions, satellite formation, mosaicism and deletion of sex chromosome in the Experimental subjects.  The results are discussed pertaining to the recent literature.


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