Kamla-Raj 2003                                                                             Int J Hum Genet, 3(1): 29-32 (2003)



Active and Passive Smokers - A Haematobiochemical and Cytogenetic Study


K. Sasikala, F.  Regina Rosalin, A.L  Calistus Jude, R.  Ashok Kumar

SSudha, M.  Vimala Devi, N.  Balachandar, K.A.  Sajeetha Beegam,

N.  Meenakshi  and Asia Begum


Division of  Human Genetics, Department of  Zoology, Bharathiar University,

Coimbatore 641 046, Tamil Nadu, India


Key Words Active smokers; passive smokers; cigarette smoke; haematobiochemical hazard; chromosomal aberration.


Abstract  Use of tobacco is now pandemic and it is probably the most important preventable causes of human morbidity and  mortality.  This  study is aimed to find out the effect of smoking on RBC and WBC counts, mean corpuscular volume, haemoglobin content, lipid profile and chromosomal complements among Active and Passive smokers. In smokers, the RBC count and haemoglobin content were found to be decreased  and the WBC count and mean corpuscular volume were elevated and statistically significant results were noted in lipid profile. A significant number of  minor chromosomal aberrations were observed  among the different groups of Active smokers


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